MF Conquer the Island

MF Conquer the Island (MFCTI) v1.1
Instruction Manual

For OFP:  Resistance 1.85+

By MF (Mike Melvin)
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The Goal - Winning the Game
The Basics
Choosing Your Role
Game Types
Recommended Requirements
Server Options
The Map
Options Menu
Loadouts Menu
Team Camera


Structure Options
Special Vehicles
Tips and Tricks


Structure Options
Command Menu
Map Command Menu
Team Camera
Teams Menu
Build Menu
Repair Truck Menu
Map Data
AI Properties
Tips and Tricks
AI Command Tips and Tricks




MF Conquer the Island (MFCTI) turns the game into a Real-time Strategy.  There are two sides:  West and East.  Each side consists of one commander and eight teams (Alpha - Hotel).  Each side is able to build bases, troops, vehicles, and stationary defenses.  The game is augmented with AI.  If a player does not take a role then the AI will.  AI players will take towns and AI commanders will create a base and reinforce AI teams.  A human commander can issue orders to any of the AI teams such as moving to a waypoint, taking towns, defense, boarding transports, search and destroy, etc.


There are currently two versions of MFCTI: the Addons version and the Public Server version which is labeled PS after the version number.  The addons version requires an addon to play and offers many enhanced features.  The Public Server version is just a mission file and can be played without any special addons.  It is highly recommended you use the PS version if you want to host a public server.  This manual covers features present in both versions.  Anything specific to the Addons version will be in it's own section and labeled as such.

The Goal - Winning the Game

To win the game one side must destroy the opposing team's ability to produce troops and wage war.  This is done by destroying all production facilities (Barracks, Light Vehicle Factories, Heavy Vehicle Factories, Aircraft Factories, and the Mobile HQ).

The Basics

At the beginning of the game each team consists of one member.  This is the team leader of that group and will always respawn after death.  A player team leader may purchase troops and vehicles for his/her team (a max of 12 members).  A Commander must purchase troops and vehicles for any AI teams or switch them to independent mode so they can purchase their own.  This can be accomplished by creating base structures such as barracks for troops or the appropriate vehicle factory.  Each player team has it's own income.  Income can be viewed by selecting score from the action menu.  Income is increased by controlling towns and earning non-combat points.  Immediate resources are gained by salvaging vehicles and collecting bounties (taking towns and destroying vehicles).  The larger the town the more income it will provide and the bigger the bounty.  To maximize a town's income troops must be present in it's immediate vicinity.  The exception to this rule is for a game running with west and /or east enhancement which would allow maximum income for merely owning the town.  Towns are usually defended at the beginning of the game by resistance groups.  If a town's flag is taken but most of the resistance are left untouched they will attempt to retake the town.

Choosing Your Role

When you enter a game you have two choices:  which side and what role.  Which side you chose should be obvious but your role may not be.  There are two roles, you can control a team or you can be the commander of your side.  The Command position is the BOTTOM slot.  It is the only position labeled as an Officer.  If no one chooses the Command role then the AI will do it for your team.  The commander position has a steep learning curve.  It is STRONGLY recommended that you practice this role before jumping into a multiplayer game as a commander.  The AI commander can be a good tutorial.  Just watch what it does.

Game Types

MFCTI has been designed primarily for multiplayer.  However, it also functions quite well as a single player game.  To play in single player, just start a multiplayer game and chose your role.  AIs will take control of the rest.  A fast system is highly recommended.

Missions may have the following suffixes:

PS - Public Server.  These versions require no addons to play.  Useful for serving public games but there are less units and features.
HR - Heavy Resistance.  An HR mission spawns resistance at towns when a player gets near instead of using prebuilt units.  In these versions there is more resistance at each town.
MP - Multiplayer.  The MP version has different options to enhance MP games.  Included are victory conditions (take x towns, earn x points, etc.), and a Fast Game parameter.
Coop - Cooperative.  These missions are meant to be run with all players on one side working against the AI.  The AI difficulty may be set.

Certain mission types may be combined.  For example a mission named "MFCTI 1.1 PS HR Everon" would require no addons and spawn large amounts of resistance at each town.

Server Options

Consult the Readme.txt for more detailed information.  Here is a list of the parameters that can be set for a game:

Enhanced East and/or West - A side starts with extra resources and does not have to occupy a town for maximum income (just has to take it).  It is recommended to enable on both sides for a fast game.  If you want to play a co-op against the computer enable it for the AI side for better results.
More income - Income received for towns is doubled.  This is applied to both sides.
No AC Rockets  - Aircraft have no FFARs.  This is applied to both sides.
Weather - Adds random weather to the mission.
Night - Starts the mission at night.
Accelerated time - Greatly increases the speed of time passage.  Allows day & night missions.  Does not affect unit's speeds, etc. 

Recommended Requirements

The game is quite playable on a modern system.  It is recommended to run this on a dedicated server for maximum speed.  MFCTI is fairly demanding on system resources and can slow down a game running as a server and player.  If your system cannot handle this game playably it is recommended to try to find a dedicated server that is running it.  If you just want to practice then try to find an empty server and let the AI control the other roles.


A player accesses a structure's options by moving up to it.  An action choice will then be available to open it's menu.  Some buildings, such as the Control Center, cannot be accessed by anyone except the commander.  The commander will also have more choices for each structure.

Mobile HQ

The Mobile HQ is a unique vehicle that allows the commander to build a base as long as s/he is within range of it.  It is capable of building any structure and can produce workers to build up a placed structure or to repair a destroyed one.  Players can log on to the Team Camera from it.  It cannot be replaced or repaired if it is destroyed completely.  Each side has one from the game start and it should be defended at all costs.

[Barracks Image] Barracks

Trains infantry, allows a player to equip with different weapon loadouts, and can be used as a respawn point.  With the Infantry Upgrade it can produce more troop types.  The BlackOps Upgrade allows BlackOps to be trained here as well.

[Light Vehicle Factory Image] Light Vehicle Factory

Produces cars and trucks.  Can be used as a respawn point.  With the Light Vehicle Upgrade it can produce AA vehicles such as Vulcans or Shilkas.  Additionally it can produce the M113 for the west side.

[Heavy Vehicle Factory Image] Heavy Vehicle Factory

Produces APCs and basic tanks.  Can be used as a respawn point.  With the Heavy Vehicle Upgrade it can produce better tanks.

[Aircraft Factory Image] Air Vehicle Factory

Produces helicopters and can be used as a respawn point.  With the Aircraft Vehicle Upgrade it can produce more powerful helicopters.  Additionally it can then build fixed wing aircraft.

[Ammo Depot Image] Ammo Depot

Provides a few ammo/weapon crates for players to equip weapons/ammo from.  Produces ammo trucks.  Reloads any nearby stationary guns when they run out of ammo.

[Repair Depot Image] Repair Depot

Produces repair and salvage trucks.  Automatically repairs nearby damaged vehicles (must be manned).  A commander can also produce Independent Salvagers.  These will automatically travel to and salvage any east or west vehicles that have been destroyed nearby.

[Field Hospital Image] Field Hospital

Troops can receive medical attention here.  Additionally, players may choose to respawn at the nearest hospital after death.

[Control Center Image] Control Center

Only accessible by the commander.  This will allow a commander to purchase upgrades and reinforce AI teams.  Note that this structure allows the commander to remotely access all barracks, light, heavy, and air factories for the purpose of adding units to AI teams.  A Control Center also defines a base.  If units are ordered to defend a town/base they will proceed to the nearest Control Center or town.  Provides Radar if upgraded (enemy aircraft will show as red dots on the map).

The Options Menu
[Open Options Menu] [Options Menu]

The options menu may be accessed from your action menu.  The top of the menu displays your personal resources and your side's Player Pool (percentage of total income that goes to the players).

Option menu options:

Respawn Point -
This is the area you respawn at if killed.  Default value is the MHQ.
Online Help - Brings up the help menu for in-game info on how to play.
Play Music - If this is turned on game music will be played at random intervals.
Transfer Resources - This will bring up the Resource Management menu.  From there you can transfer funds to other players.  This is useful if two players wish to pool their resources to buy a vehicle.
Set WP to Current Position - This will set your waypoint marker to your current position.
Set Waypoint To - This will set the your waypoint marker to the coords in the right boxes (example: B5).  This is to set a quick and general location.
Set Waypoint To - This is located below the first Set Waypoint button.  It has 4 boxes and can set a much more precise location (example: Bb54).
Build Queue - The Build Queue keeps track of any troops or vehicles that need to be built when the respective barracks/factory is available.
Delete - Deletes selected item in Build Queue.
Delete All - Deletes the entire Build Queue.

The Map

A lot of information can be gathered from the map.  Every town that has been taken will be labeled.  If a town is currently occupied by friendly troops it will have a green circle around it.  If a town has been taken from the resistance it will have a flag on it.   If a town has been taken from the opposing side it will have a target on it.  All team leaders and the commander are marked on the map and visible to everyone on the same side.  Additionally the Respawn Point (Mobile HQ) will be labeled.  All vehicles on the player's side will have a green dot on the map.  If a vehicle is destroyed it will be displayed with a green x.

[Vehicle Marker Image]           [Destroyed Vehicle Marker Image]
    Vehicle Marker                                                Destroyed Vehicle Marker

[Controlled Town Image]             [Controlled and Occupied Town]
            Controlled Town                                              Occupied and Controlled Town

[Enemy Presence Image]             [Enemy Structure Image]
            Enemy Presense Spotted                                              Enemy Base Structure Located

The Loadouts Menu

[Loadout Menu Image]

The Loadouts Menu is accessed from a barracks.  From here you can create a custom loadout or choose from a pre-configured template.

Your Resources - Current amount of resources available for purchasing equipment.
Space - Remaining carrying space (out of 10) available to you for equipment.
Trade-In - Value you will receive for any equipment you were carrying prior to entering the loadouts menu.  This is deducted from the cost.
Cost - The adjusted cost of all equipment you have selected.  It will be subtracted from your resources when you click on Buy.
Load Template  - Loads template selection from list below into the loadout menu's selections.  You can then review and make changes before purchasing.
Buy Template & Exit  - Purchases equipment from template that is selected in list below and exits the menu.
Save to Custom  - Saves the current loadout to the custom slot.  This can then be recalled when needed.
Reset - Resets any loadout selections.  The equipment you were carrying when you entered the loadout menu will be displayed.
Clear - Clears all selected equipment.  This is useful if you want to start a new loadout from scratch.
Cancel - None of the changes you made will take effect and the menu will be exit.
Buy - If you can afford the current loadout then the cost will be subtracted from your resources and the menu will exit.

Team Camera

From the Mobile HQ you can log on to the Team Camera.  This links with a satellite to provide an overhead view of all the teams.  You can also access the unit's camera remotely to get a close view of the situation.  Next and previous cycle through the teams and zoom in and out increases and decreases the magnification when in the satellite view.  Commanders have additional options.

[Team Camera Image] [Team Unit Camera Image]



There are eight player teams per side.  They are designated Alpha - Hotel.  If a team is not controlled by a player then an AI will substitute (unless disabled).  If the commander doesn't intervene, the AI players will proceed to the nearest hostile towns and attempt to capture them.  A player receives a percentage of the total resource income earned.  The starting value is 30% for the player pool.  This means that 30% of all income earned will go to the player pool.  This resource income is then divided equally amongst the players and transferred to their budget.  For example, if there is 1 player on a side s/he will receive 30% of the total income.  If there are 3 players on a side they will each receive 10% (30% / 3).  Note that AIs DO NOT RECEIVE a percentage.  If there are no players on your team then the percentage can be ignored.  Additionally, players also earn an income from a player award pool.  The percentage can be adjusted by the commander and has a default value of 10%.  This percent of the total income is divided amongst player's based on their non-combat  score.  The more points you have earned, the more of this you will receive.  A player may view his/her income, current resources, and non-combat points by choosing score from the action menu. A player may also view the Player Pool percentage at the top of the options menu.  A commander may raise or lower the player pool/award pool percentage or transfer funds from the his/her budget to an individual player.  Non-combat points are also added to a player's total game score.  

Structure Options

A player has a few choices at a vehicle factory.  S/he may purchase an empty vehicle and take control or order troops in.  Alternately, a player can purchase a manned vehicle.  It will then come with a complete crew if the player has not reached his/her max allowable troops (12).  For example, a truck or jeep will be constructed with a driver.  A tank would have a driver, gunner, and commander.  If a player wishes to change his/her personal weapon loadout s/he can go to a barracks and choose from the list or create a custom loadout.

Special Vehicles

Mobile HQ
Anyone near a Mobile HQ can log on to it's satellite link to view the Team Camera.  This will allow and overhead view or unit-camera view of all the side's team leaders.

Ammo truck
These work just like in a regular OFP game; access reload vehicle from the action menu.  Additionally if one is near a stationary gun it will reload it if empty.  Note that this is much slower than having an ammo depot in range.  Additionally, an ammo truck has mines, satchel charges, AT/AA launchers and some firearms if you need to resupply.

Repair trucks
A player can use a repair truck to fix a vehicle or nearby building and create defensive structures.  To fix a vehicle use the action menu like you would in a standard OFP game.  To repair a building drive up near it and remain in the truck until the repairs are complete.  Note that anyone from the right side may be present in the driver seat to administer repairs so a player can order a soldier to the driver's seat as well.  For further repair truck options refer to the Commander section of this document.

Salvage vehicles
A salvage vehicle can be used to salvage destroyed vehicles for resources.  To use it simply drive up to the salvage target and wait.  After a while the target will disappear and the resources will be deposited in the pool.  A commander may build independent salvagers which actively seek destroyed vehicles.  Salvage income is divided equally among the players.  However, if a player uses the salvage vehicle s/he will earn 50% of the salvage and earn points.

Tips and Tricks

If your vehicle is destroyed you can wait around for a salvage vehicle to appear.  If it is on your side you can hop in and catch a ride back to the nearest friendly town or base.  If it is on the enemy's side you can blow the driver's head off and take it back yourself...;)

If a location of interest is found use the Set Waypoint from the options menu or alt-click on the map.  Do not mark text on the map since this can be visible to BOTH sides if you are accidentally in the global channel.

Get a complete weapon loadout from the Barracks.

If you want to increase your income then increase the teams'.  Take over towns or order your troops to defend any nearby friendly towns that are not occupied (no green circle around them on the map).

Earn bounties by taking over towns, destroying vehicles, and salvaging wreckage.

Above all else, protect your base!

[Protect the Workers Image]



The commander is responsible for constructing the base and reinforcing/ordering the AI teams.  Additionally, the commander can manage the player budget, transfer funds to a specific player, and purchase upgrades.

Priorities and Base Management

A commander has many more responsibilities than a regular player.  The role can be so involved that a commander might only perform a management role the entire game.  Usually if a commander is leading an assault into battle it is because the team is either doing very well or very poorly.  It is highly recommended that you practice this role alone before jumping into a multiplayer game as one.  Your teammates rely heavily on your ability to play this role effectively.  At the beginning of a game a commander's first duty is to find a suitable location for the base.  Often times you may start at such a location but it is random.  A good location should be defensible and very flat for the buildings.  You should not create structures on terrain that isn't very level.  Buildings should also not be constructed too closely.  The AI can get stuck navigating through a tight base.  This takes practice, preferrably offline practice.  ;)

Once a suitable location has been found, a good choice for your first structures would be a Barracks and Control Center.  Do this by opening the Build Menu.  Note that when you first place a structure it is destroyed.  This is normal and it must be 'built up'.  Do this by adding workers from the Build Menu.  The more workers the faster the work gets done but keep in mind you are on a tight budget early on.  As soon as your Control Center is complete you can access it's menu (walk up to it, select Control Center Options from the action menu).  At this point upgrade Infantry to get more troop options at the Barracks.

Your strategy from here on is up to you.  A Light Vehicle Factory would be a good choice so players can purchase cheap vehicles to move about the map.  At this point you will not have much money left.  It is recommended to use the time to order AIs and devise a strategy.  As you gain money you should create base defenses.  A few troops and guns should always be present.  And always keep in mind your player requests.  A good commander needs to balance the needs of his/her team and the needs of the base.  As the base nears completion a commander should consider raising the player pool percentage (from the Option menu's Transfer Funds menu or Command menu's Resource Management menu) so players can purchase more equipment.

Structure Options

Base structures have additional options available only to the commander.  Barracks and vehicle factories have the option to select an AI team and add to it.  Note that units may not be added to player teams.  The players must do this on their own.  If you wish to give a player a vehicle you can build an empty one or transfer the money for one to them through the Resource Management menu.  The AI team's current size is displayed below the current resources.  At a Repair Depot you can also build an independent salvager which will seek out destroyed vehicles and salvage them on it's own.

Command Menu

  [Open Command Menu Image] [Command Menu Image]

The Command Menu is the heart of the commander's control over any AI teams.  Orders can only sent to an AI team.  It can also be used to access the Resource Management menu.  You can also access most of the Command Menu options via the Map Command Menu from the radio and from the Team Camera.  Additionally, you can set the Command WP on the map by ALT-clicking or you can set and order the current team by SHIFT-clicking.

Command menu options:

Selected Team
- This will allow you to select a team to issue orders to.  The currently selected team is persistent.  If you select Alpha it will be selected on other menus (except Resource Management).
Set Waypoint To - This will set the Command Waypoint to the coords in the right boxes (example: B5).  This is to set a quick and general location.
Set Waypoint To - This is located below the first Set Waypoint button.  It has 4 boxes and can set a much more precise location (example: Bb54).
Set WP to Current Position - This will set the Command Waypoint to your current position.
Transfer Resources - This will bring up the Resource Management menu.  From there you can transfer funds to players or change the percentage of income that players receive.
Teams - This will bring up the Teams menu.  From there you can view team stats, transfer funds, change independent status and roles.
Move to WP - This will order the selected team to move to the Command Waypoint.
Take Towns - This will order the selected team to take control of the nearest enemy or neutral town.  This is the default order for all AI teams at the beginning of the game.  Towns are needed for income.
Defend Nearest Town/Base - Orders the team to proceed to and defend the nearest town or base.  Use this to occupy towns that you control.  If your troops are present in a town you earn more income.
Search and Destroy - Orders the team to patrol the island.  If the base has been spotted they will attempt an assault.  Blackops will attempt to sabotage the enemy structures & the MHQ.
Command Nearby Vehicle(s) - This orders the selected team to take control of any nearby vehicles.  They will man the driver, gunner, and commander positions only and not the cargo seats.
Disembark Vehicles(s)  - This orders ALL members of the selected team to leave their vehicles.  Aircraft will attempt to land first.
Board Transport(s) - This orders the selected team to enter any transports near them.  They make no distinction if the vehicle is on their team or not.  You can therefore control the transport if needed.
Disembark Transport(s) - This orders the selected team to leave any transports they are in.  Drivers, gunners, and commanders will remain inside.  If in an aircraft they will paradrop.

Map Command Menu (An alternative to the Command Menu)

[Map Command Menu]

The Map Command menu works like the standard Command Menu.  You can access it via the map screen from the radio.  Alternately, you can open it via the radio in-game (0-0-1 for west and 0-0-2 for east).  When the Map Command Menu is not up you can set your Commander WP on the map by ALT-clicking.  Use a SHIFT-click to set the Commander WP and order the current team to it's position.

Team Camera (An alternative to the Command Menu)

[Open Team Camera]

The Team Camera can be accessed from the Mobile HQ via the action menu.  If you are a Commander you will have additional options to the left.  This function identically to the Command Menu.

Teams Menu

  [Team Menu Image]

The Teams menu allows quick access to certain team properties and information.

Teams menu options:

Independent On/Off - Toggles current independence state of team.  Only applies to an AI team.
Role - This pull-down menu allows you to select a team's role.  This only applies to independent teams.
Give - Give team amount of resources in pull-down to the right.
All AI independent - Sets all AI teams to independent mode.
No AI independent - Turns off independent mode for all AI teams.
All Mechanized - Sets all independent AIs' role to Mechanized.
All Armour - Sets all independent AIs' role to Armour.
All Air - Sets all independent AIs role to Air.

Build Menu

[Open Build Menu Image] [Build Menu Image]

The Build menu is where base construction takes place.  The rules are simple, you must be in range of the Mobile HQ to build anything.  If you are not in range or the Mobile HQ is destroyed the option to open the menu will not be available.  Note that you do not want to be inside the Mobile HQ when constructioning buildings as this will create undesirable results with building placement.

Build menu options:

Undo - Undo last structure that was placed.  Useful if you make a mistake or something doesn't place like you expected it to.  This does not work for stationary guns.
Auto-align Sandbags - Makes sandbags align/connect to any nearby sandbags.  They will only connect to other aligned sangbags.  Try to build the sandbag so it is closer to you then the piece you are connecting to.
Build Structure - This will build a base structure you have selected from the list below it.
Build Defense - This will build a hospital, stationary gun, or sandbag you have selected from the list below it.
Add Worker - This will deploy a worker at the Mobile HQ.  These are needed to build up structures that have been placed!

Repair Truck Menu

[Open Repair Truck Menu] [Repair Truck Menu Image]

The Repair Truck menu is available when you are in range of a repair truck.  It allows you to construct field hospitals, stationary guns, and sandbags.  This is a useful way to erect defenses around a town away from the base without exposing your Mobile HQ.  It can also be used to create a small outpost where player may choose to respawn (at the field hospital).  You may want to leave an ammo truck in the vicinity of any guns so they can reload.  Auto-align works the same was as it does on the Build Menu.

Resource menu

[Resource Menu]

The Resource menu is used to transfer resources to other teams.  The commander can also set the Player Resource Pool and Award Pool from here.  The total added value of the two pools may not exceed 100%.

Map Data

[Taken from Enemy Image]     [Taken from Enemy Image]
(This town was taken from the East)                                 (This town was taken from West)

[Enemy Presence Image]     [Enemy Structure Image]
(An enemy presence has been detected)                                 (An enemy structure has been located)

One of the most important skills a commander should develop is the ability to interpret data.  Recon is a very important element in this mod.  If you know where the enemy base is but they don't know your position you have a great advantage over them.  You can begin to destroy their infrastructure while yours remains intact!  It is usually better to choose you recon patrols on an educated guess than completely at random.  Interpreting the map data can sometimes help you in this.  One method of doing this is by determining an enemy's towns.  When you take a neutral town it is marked by a flag.  However, if you take an enemy town it is marked by a target.  If an enemy takes your town it is also marked by a target.  So basically targeted towns are towns that have been swapping sides.  This is usually how a front will begin to develop on the map.  If you find that all the northern towns are flagged but southern towns are targeted then its a pretty good bet that the enemy is located to the south.  Have your teams recon accordingly.  Teams will also automatically report spotted enemy presence and base structures.  Additionally they will be marked on the map as a question mark for troops/vehicles and an exclamation for structures.  If the Control Center has been upgraded with radar enemy aircraft will also be displayed as a red dot on the map.  However, if they fly below radar detection height they will not be displayed.

AI Properties

An AI team has two modes of operation: independent and non-independent.  By default all AI teams are non-independent at the beginning of a game when the commander is a player.  A non-independent AI follows orders exactly and must be micro-managed.  A commander has to purchase a non-independent's troops and vehicles manually but this allows a greater degree of control.  Independent AIs follow basic orders but also tend to think for themselves.  They will purchase their own troops/vehicles if they have the money and then follow any standing orders.  Independent AIs also return to base for reinforcements when low on numbers (unless they have no resources).  Independent AIs manage their own vehicles and, therefore, cannot be ordered to board/disembark.  For example, if an independent team's role is Mechanized and they have an APC with nearby foot-soldiers, then the troops will board the APC to travel to their destination.  Only independent teams may have a role

Independent Roles:

Infantry  - The team will purchase all variety of soldiers.  This is a good role early on when teams cannot afford vehicles.  All infantry roles attempt to maintain formation.  If units are out of range of their leader they will proceed on their own.
AA Infantry  - The team will primarily purchase soldiers with AA launchers.  Normal soldiers, Medics, and an occasional LAW/RPG soldier may be purchased.
AT Infantry  - The team will purchase soldiers with LAW/RPG and AT launchers.  Normal soldiers and Medics may also compliment the team.
CQB Infantry - The team will purchase machine gunners, grenadiers, heavy grenadiers, and medics.  Normal soldiers, LAW/RPG, AT, and AA soldiers are also rarely purchased.
Black Ops - The team will purchase snipers and black op/spetz natz.  This is a good role for Search and Destroy missions when the enemy base has been spotted since they will attempt to sabotage structures.
Mechanized - The team will purchase all variety of soldiers. Light and heavy APCs will occasionally be purchased to provide transport.  This is another good role to use early on since if the team cannot afford APCs it will just purchase troops.
Mechanized AA - The team will purchase all variety of soldiers.  APCs and AA vehicles will occasionally be purchased to provide transport and AA defense.  This is another good role to use early on since if the team cannot afford APCs it will just purchase troops.  This role is also good for teams assigned to defend bases and towns.
Armour - The team will purchase all variety of tanks and an occasional AA vehicle.  This is not a good role if the team has little resources since they will not buy foot-soldiers.  All armour roles attempt to maintain formation.  If units are out of range of their leader they will proceed on their own.
Heavy Armour - The team will purchase the best tanks it can afford and an occasional AA vehicle.  This is a good role for a team with a lot of resources.
Air - The team will purchase assault helicopters.  If the side's commander is AI controlled and the base is next to an airstrip then fixed-wing aircraft will also be purchased.  No formation is maintained and all units in this role proceed to the objective on their own.  Aircraft cannot capture towns and tend to give away a base's position so the recommended order for such a team is Search and Destroy.  Keep in mind that when a team is on a Search and Destroy mission that they will assault any enemy structures that are reported and labeled on the map.

Tips and Tricks

If you build stationary guns at your base you should create an Ammo Depot for quick reloading.
It is always a good idea to have an AI or player  team defend the base.  If they have a Vulcan/Shilka this will help spot aircraft for any stationary guns on the same team making them much more effective.
If you want stationary guns at any towns you control use a Repair Truck.  This is better than exposing your Mobile HQ.  You will also want to an Ammo Truck in the area to reload the guns.
For quick building repairs use a Repair Truck or lots of workers.  They are cumulative.  A Repair Truck must have a driver and be located next to the building to be repaired.
You should always have at least one Independent Salvager.  They can more than make up for their costs if they salvage destroyed aircraft or armoured vehicles.

AI Command Tips and Tricks

Learning to effectively use all of the AI commands is a game in itself.  There is much you can do but you must also understand some of the quirks.  Below is a list of tasks and how to go about performing them.  You can probably invent your own tasks as needed.

Reinforce Team - Set a waypoint by the factory/barracks you wish to reinforce the group with.  Order them to the waypoint.  Once they have arrived start building the unit/vehicle(s).  Note that you don't have to do this.  It just allows them to be grouped together when they proceed with their next order.

Make Leader Control Vehicle - This is useful if the leader is on foot.  Order to the vehicle factory and add the desired vehicle to the AI's team.  The leader will automatically be transported into it if close by.

Fast AI Teams
  - Avoid having an AI team travel long distances on foot.  There are many ways to do this.  If you have any remaining troops on foot, order them into a transport if the AI team has one (Bradleys, BMPs, Trucks, etc.).  Alternately, build enough empty vehicles for the foot soldiers and order them to Command Nearby Vehicle(s).

Defend Base - A base is defined as any cluster of buildings with a Control Center.  If you have only a Control Center this is considered a base.  A base should have good defense against both ground and air.  One good strategy is to assign an AI or player team to defend it.  You should build stationary guns around the parameter and have at least one Shilka/Vulcan.  This can be used as a spotter for the stationary guns making them much more effective.  When creating stationary guns you will want at least some HEs.  Due to a bug in the game you should not build too closely to the water since AI team vehicles can actually drive in when on patrol and be destroyed.

Defend Specific Town or Base - Set a waypoint close to the town/base.  Order the AI team to the waypoint.  Once they have reached the waypoint order them to Defend Nearest Town/Base.  The goal is to make the town/base you wish to defend the CLOSEST destination when you order them to Defend.  They need not be right at the waypoint, it is just used to get them close enough.

Attack and Defend Specific Town - This works the same way as above.  Set your waypoint and order the team to Take Towns.  When the town is under your control then order the team to Defend Nearby Town/Base.

Destroy an Enemy Mobile HQ
  - If you know the location of the enemy Mobile HQ set your waypoint to it.  Order an AI team with BlackOps to the area and order them to Search and Destroy.  They will attempt to place satchel charges on it.  Note that this is seldom effective as there are usually defenses set up around a Mobile HQ.  It is recommended to use players for assaults on an enemy base.  At the moment the AI will not attack buildings.

Paradrop AI Team - This can be done by ordering them to Board Nearby Transport(s) when only a helicopter is nearby.  You can move the helicopter to the desired destination and order them to Disembark Transport(s).  If you wish to have them to disembark on foot then land the helicopter first if you control it.  If they control it then order them to Disembark Vehicle(s).  It will then land first.  You may wish to reissue a Command Nearby Vehicle(s) order after they have disembarked if you want to their vehicles manned.  This is one reason it is a good idea not to mix AI group types.  Keep the tanks and paratroopers in their own separate groups.

Patrol the Island  - Order an AI team to Search and Destroy.  They will now randomly patrol the island.  Note that they will automatically patrol a town if ordered to defend it (unless they are all manning stationary guns).

Transporting AI Teams - AI teams can transport themselves if you first make them Command Nearby Vehicle(s).  However, it can be desirable to command the transport yourself or with one of your team members.  To do this you MUST order the AI team to Board Nearby Transport(s) BEFORE any player team member enters the vehicle.  Have the players enter after all the AIs load up.  The game seems to have a problem with having local and non-local groups in the same vehicle.  Note that this problem does not occur for a player that is also on the server.  You can also mix AI teams in a vehicle without problems.


Coding and Design:

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