MF Conquer the Island


MFCTI turns OFP: Resistance into a Realtime Strategy game. You can construct buildings and stationary defenses. At base structures you can purchase upgrades, equipment loadouts, troops, and vehicles. All of this is done via a point & click menu-based system. Additionally, it can be played as a single player mission (via MP by yourself) or as a multiplayer mission. AI will take control of any roles not played by humans, right down to creating their own base and attacking towns. The mod consists of two player roles: Team Leaders and the Commander. The Team Leaders usually take over and defend towns for income while the Commander oversees base construction and orders AI teams to perform various actions. The ultimate goal is to find and destroy the enemy's base and Mobile HQ.

MFCTI Mission Types:

PS - Public Server. These versions require no addons to play. Useful for serving public games but there are less units and features.
HR - Heavy Resistance. An HR mission spawns resistance at towns when a player gets near instead of using prebuilt units. In these versions there is more resistance at each town.
MP - Multiplayer. The MP version has different options to enhance MP games. Included are victory conditions (take x towns, earn x points, etc.), and a Fast Game parameter.
Coop - Cooperative. These missions are meant to be run with all players on one side working against the AI. The AI difficulty may be set.

Certain mission types may be combined. For example a mission named "MFCTI 1.1 PS HR Everon" would require no addons and spawn large amounts of resistance at each town.

(Note available versions are labeled Public Release.)

v1.16 - Public Release

Added support for Czech.
Fixed translation error in unit queue.
Fixed build bug with east observation tower.
Fixed bug that would cause issues with the mortar in German and Dutch.
Placed respawn behind MHQ so units do not get run over.
Fixed bug where AI Teams would not man M2 Fortifications.
Fixed bug that could cause AI movement problems with independent infantry groups.
Fixed bug in which players would not always be placed at their starting location.
Reduced amount of resistance units being spawned.
Fixed bug that prevented the purchase of OH-58s when "Limited Radar" was enabled.
Fixed bug where "Team Respawn" would be displayed as "On" even when it is off.

v1.15 - Public Release

Fixed salvager zero divisor bug.
Fixed bugs that could cause AI Commander to stop working.
Fixed bug that would cause game to end if victory condition was set to Take All Towns.
Fixed bug in Options menu that would not show proper amount of towns needed to win.
Fixed bug that allowed a team-killing commander to access the Command and Build menus.
Fixed Limited Radar bug that would cause aircraft to be built too close to the factory.
Fixed AI Shilkas being built without commanders allowing players to commandeer them.


Added true ability for commander to reinforce player teams.
AI Team leaders get role specific equipment.
Added AH-64AA with AIM-9 missiles and KA-50AA with AA-11 missiles.
Added automatic deletion to stationary guns after 5 minutes of non-repair.
Added 120mm mortar to addon version.
Added player & AI fire missions.
Added ability for AI commander to build & rearm mortars and bombard an enemy base.
Added AK-101 & Soldier w/AK-101 to Addons version.
Added large wall to Addons version.
Added increased loadouts for 6G30 and MM-1 to Addon version.
Added cleanup for respawnable units.
Workers will scatter if there is nothing more to build/repair.
Added support for disabled AI teams.
Added limited radar option to Addons version.
Fixed bug where walls, sandabags, & observation towers were being added to build queue.
Fixed bug where workers would go any distance to repair queued structures.
Fixed bug where salvagers would try to salvage civilian vehicles.
Fixed bug where East commander did not get non-combat points.
Fixed spacing for items less than $1000 in heavy factory.
Fixed bug where west independent charlie team would not display properly in the command menu.
Fixed bug that prevented undoing of observation towers.


Added weapon/ammo crates to build menu. Also can be built from ammo trucks.
Added 'Buy Custom Loadout' to action menu when near a barracks.
Ammo depots reload vehicles.
Players are fined for killing civilians.
testing) Civilians and their vehicles should now be cleaned up after death.
Added east, west, resistance, and civilian casualty statistics.
Improved loadout menu code. Only usable misc items are shown for current primary weapon.
Added stationary gun limits.
Added worker & independent salvager limit.
Added helicopter pad.
Added M3A2, BMP-2E, T-72B, and T-80U to Addons version.
Created new missiles for addon vehicles: TOW 2, AT-5, AT-5B, AT-8, and AT-11.
Reduced Vulcan and Shilka rate of fire in addon and increased their damage.
Added AA Machine Gun with AA missiles to AddOns version.
Added helicopter pad to build/repair menu.
Fixed bug where MHQ's camera could be accessed from long distances.
Fixed bug where AI independent teams on human side were not going to barracks to reinforce.


Added framework for new realtime voting system.


Added player team respawn option.
Implemented team respawning for AI leaders.
AI leaders now get the same custom loadout when they respawn that they do at the beginning.

v1.1B - Public Release

Fixed loadouts menu. Misc items will now be saved to custom loadouts.
Fixed independent infantry AIs. Teams will now purchase troops without a lot of resources.

v1.1A - Public Release

Fixed enemy AI side's respawn when playing and serving on the same system.
Fixed AI teams not being able to use the west truck at the beginning of the game.

v1.1 - Public Release

Fixed various translation bugs and grammatical errors.
Fixed opposing side not being close enough in Defend the Base games.
Fixed game properties label not displaying in MP version.
Text when towns are taken is now no longer in the vertical center of the screen.
Improved player unit creation. All units should now get cleaned up after death.
Fixed fastgame vehicles not always being given a marker on the map.
Fixed AI Commander getting stuck inside Control Center.


Added multiple base templates to give AI bases more variety.
Base templates can now be specified in starting points when editing maps allowing for better customization.
AI Commander will assign teams to assault the enemy base when discovered.
AI Commander will assign multiple roles to AI teams including defense, offense, black ops, etc.
Medics and machine gunners are now available without an upgrade.
Improved the Search & Destroy order. Teams will patrol most of the map and assault an enemy base when discovered.
Players earn points for purchasing troops and vehicles.
Added more independent roles: Infantry, AA Infantry, AT Infantry, CQB Infantry, Black Ops, Mechanized AA, Heavy Armour.
AI commanders will now build a better base layout when near an airstrip and purchase airplanes.
Added new unit camera view to team camera.
Unified code for Standard, MP, and Coop games.
Added truck to start of game for all versions.
Added Fast Game parameter: Increases income and starting resources and gives a side 2 jeeps at start.
Income is increased slightly for each player greater than 1.
Reduced respawn loadout to 1 LAW/RPG.
When a player destroys his/her side's Mobile HQ it is reported.
Repair truck code cleaned up.
Team, respawn, and last enemy sighted markers can now be centered on from briefing.
Added loadout to MI-24.
Fixed various exploits.
NV goggles are only present in accelerated time and night missions.
AI teams defending a town should now always stay in range of that town.
Fixed resistance gunners not getting cleaned up after death in HR versions.
Fixed client's accelerated time to stay in sync with the server.
Fixed building placement code. Structures no longer move after being repaired.
Loadout prices adjusted.


New respawn locations: Barracks, light, heavy, and aircraft factories.
Added Player award pool (Income is divided amongst players based on score).
Markers will now be placed if enemy structures are spotted.
Markers will be temporarily placed if an enemy presence is detected.
AI units will report approximate position if enemy units or structures are spotted.
A Repair depot will repair all friendly vehicles within 10m.
New loadout interface for barracks: Create & save a custom loadout, load templates, and specify primary/secondary weapon, misc equipment, & sidearm.
Added SU-25 LGB to addons version.
Players will now earn points for being the first to spot a unit or base structure.


Workers now construct buildings in the order in which they were placed.
Added Observation Tower.
Added radar upgrade for Control Centers.


Resistance takes back their town if 1/4 or more is still exist.


Added 'No Aircraft Rockets' parameter.
Added Commander Only Driver option to MHQ.
Added Team menu.
Map now centers on starting position at beginning of game.
Made resistance vehicles salvageable.


Added Armour AI group.
Improved main Command Menu to only display available orders for team.
Added ability to add resources to an AI team.
AIs report if they are taking casualties.


Started new AI sysetm.
Added independent AI option. AIs will purchase their own equipment and work as a group.
Added Mechanized Infantry AI group.


Added new score system: Points are gained for building structures, salvaging vehicles, taking towns, and staying alive.
A bounty is earned for taking a town.


Added multi-language code.


Added 'No Aircraft Rockets' parameter.
Added Commander Only Driver option to MHQ.
Map now centers on starting position at beginning of game.
Made resistance vehicles salvageable.

v1.0 - Public Release

New MFCTI1.0.pbo addon file is completed.
Converted addons version over to new MFCTI1.0.pbo.
Added Nogova.
Personal loadouts at the Barracks no longer require an infantry upgrade.
Recoded town marker system.
It is now more difficult to take flags with a helicopter. The pilot must get very low.
Players are now notified when base buildings on their own side are destroyed.
Added A-10 LGB and UH-60.
Added heavy grenadiers.
Added ammo loadouts to ammo depot crates.
Modified G36 and Steyr AUG damage to that of a standard 5.56mm rifle in the addons version.
Added workaround for maps with bridges.
Modified score and Control Centers to show an upgrade in progress.
Added smoke grenades to ammo depot crates. Fixed: Field hospital would not undo and cause future undoes to not work.
Fixed: Ammo Depot would not undo.
Fixed: Ammo Depot's ammo crates would appear before it was constructed.
Fixed: Would get a message that structure's construction was complete after using undo.
Fixed: Mobile HQ could often not be relocked by commander.
Fixed: Bug in bounty system that prevented players from receiving rewards on certain units.
Fixed: Golf and Hotel teams would not receive money from commander.
Improved: Ammo Depot and Aircraft Factory would move after construction was complete.


Added command options to the Team Camera.
Added online help system to the Options Menu.
Added ability to select respawn location on Options Menu to Mobile HQ or nearest field hospital.
If the player is serving the game AIs will respawn at player's respawn choice.
Added troop weapons & ammo to ammo trucks, UH-60MGs, CH-47Ds, & Mi-17s for the addons version.
Added 12.7mm machine gun to Mi-17 Transport and Mi-17 for the addons version.
Improved Mobile HQ electronics for the addons version.


Added radar capability to stationary guns to increase effectiveness against aircraft.
Reduced new bounty system to only vehicles. It was found to be the source of excessive lag.
Old bounty system re-implented for soldiers.

v0.99K - Requires 1.85.

Added event-driven bounty system.  Only the player/team that makes a kill gets a bounty.
Fixed:  Player transfers did not work when transferring to the commander.


Added ability to set a waypoint on the map with an alt-click on the map.
Added ability to set a waypoint & move current team to it with a shift-click on the map.
Added command menu options to the radio.
Made the M60 and T72 available at a heavy factory without an upgrade.


Modified addon with more realistic vehicle loadouts a these new vehicles:  M60A3, M1, T-72A, and T-80B.
Added civilian traffic between towns.
Added Mi-17 Transport which replaces the 14 rocket Mi-17.  The Mi-17 now has the full loadout.
Fixed:  AI commander would not build BMP2s.
Fixed:  AI commander would build upgraded vehicle/troops without an upgrade.
Fixed:  When adding to AI groups the unit limit could be exceeded.


Added an undo option to the build menu for base buildings but not defense structures.


Reduced many heavy vehicle costs slightly.
Increased AI update delays to reduce server load.
Increased unoccupied town values from 20% to 25%.
Increased bounty from 10% to 15%.
Changed increased income option from +50% to +100%.


Fixed east players disconnecting as a commander and east commander disconnecting as a player.
Added functionality for building queue to work for the commander when adding to AI teams.


Added teams Golf and Hotel.


Added option menu.
Added building queue.
Added optional random music.
Added ability for players to transfer funds to each other.

v0.99 - Public Release

Fixed auto-align to properly toggle on/off.
Fixed repair trucks so they repair HE Fortifications and Field Hospitals.
Fixed bug that was preventing the east from accessing their buildings on the Public Server version.


Added AI substitution when a player disconnects.
Added player name display to the Team Camera.
Added player name to commander labels.
Fixed bug where salvage vehicles were being added to the server list twice.
Fixed salvage & repair truck bugs for good...!
Fixed bug where commander resources were being used when other players built defenses with the repair truck.
Fixed bug where vehicles quit being displayed on map.
Fixed Ammo Depot not showing up as a target.
Aircraft factory cost was increased.
Light & heavy upgrade costs were reduced a little.
Vulcan/shilka costs were decreased slightly.
Fixed bounty values being miscalculated.
Random AA added to Resistance in towns.
Made all units in an AI group attack and target the enemy MHQ instead of just the leading unit.
A player driving a repair truck is now notified when repairing a structure.


Added ability for all players to use the repair truck to build defense structures.
Fixed bug where Repair Depot could build ammo trucks.
Fixed bug where the east Repair Depot could not build repair trucks.
Fixed bugs preventing east from building sandbags.


Buildings now show that they are in use when building a unit (on the menu).
Eliminated some redundant code.
Added sandbag construction and auto-align option.
When a commander is killed the opposing team's bonus now goes to the commander and player pool instead of just the commander pool.
Building prices increased.
Starting resources increased.


Fixed helicopters sometimes doing nothing at base.
Added bounties for opposing side when casualties occur.
Added fuel trucks.
Added ambulances.
Added field hospitals.
AI Commander builds field hospitals.
An independent salvager will now properly go to the nearest salvageable target.
Increased mine loadout in ammo truck.


Fixed zero divisor bug for salvagers.
Fixed bug where a side would sometimes start in the water.
Added costs to personal loadouts.
Added 'ALL' to AI team selection on the command menu.
Added Miners and LAW/RPG soldiers to east and west.
Made AI commander build MG, Miner, and Medics troops type for east and west.
Made AI commander build a larger range of helicopters for both sides.
Made AI commander chance of building units greater if there is an excess of resources.
Salvager travel range increased.

v0.98I - Public Release

v0.98C - Public Release Logo